Tyke Petroleum - YORK Men's Tennis League

2017 Annual General Meeting

Wednesday, 15th November at Wilberfoss Tennis Club 

1) Attendance 
2) Apologies for Absence.            
3) Minutes of the last meeting.        
4) Matters Arising.
5) Correspondence.
6) Chairman’s Report.
7) Secretary’s Report     

8) Treasurer’s Report. 

A) Increase the League Secretary's honorarium, from £100 pa to £150 - proposed by League Secretary (outgoing)

B) Increase the subscription from £5 to £7.50 per team - proposed by the Treasurer (outgoing).  

To cover the increased costs of hosting the AGM and the increased League Sec honorarium.  

9) Election of Officers and Committee

A)  Chairman

B)  League Secretary }  - joint nominees are Alan Wilkinson... 

C)  Treasurer              }   and John Petler, both of Bishopthorpe TC

D)  8 Committee members - 1 from a club in each Division.

10) Resignations (of clubs or teams)           

11) Applications (from clubs or for extra teams)

A) HARROGATE SPA  - would like to enter a 2ND TEAM

B) STRENSALL - would like to enter a 2ND TEAM    

12) Presentation of Trophies by League sponsor, Derek Boorman 

13) Amendments to the Rules

A) Change the 'Team ties' or playing up rule (B3.1) - proposed by WIGGINTON (two alternatives to the current rule)

i)  Before a given date, each club must nominate 6 players for each team they have in the Men's League.  Those 6 players may not then play for any team lower than the one to which they been nominated.  Nominations to be checked against the previous season's returns and regular players to be excluded as nominees for lower teams, or:

ii)  Players logged in the first match cannot then play for a lower team at that club, for the rest of the season.

B) Season start date - proposed by STARBECK

When Easter falls late and school holidays coincide with the first Sunday of our season, all of our fixtures should be pushed back a week

14)  Changes to the format of the League.

15)  Any Other Business.


 Tyke Petroleum - YORK Men's Tennis League
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